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The 2 auto trading accounts are reset to their initial balances at the beginning of each day.

What is BinarySpeedbot?

BinarySpeedbot is an Expert Automatic Advisor (Robot).
It’s software that gives you the best trading-signals he has calculated in real-time.
At first it may seem complicated, but don’t worry. The trading robot is extremely easy to use.You don’t need to be a trader to make profits!

This is the robot’s focus.

When you hear an alert, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the trading platform.

If you activate automatic mode, it’s even simpler. The robot will even perform transactions in your place!

Key points about the robot
Positive aspects Negative aspects
+ The trial period is free without obligation - After the trial period, the cost for the service is more expensive than the average of robots on the market
+ You keep 100% of the profits you generate during the trial period - Only bank wire transfers are possible
+ Subscription to signal service after the 90-day trial period is without obligation. - Sometimes you must wait more than 24h after receipt of the transfer to Ichimoku Bot before the signals are active.
+ No trading knowledge required.

Why choose OptionWeb?

With the boom in binary options, you can find a multitude of binary options brokers on the internet.
Without being an expert in the domain, it isn’t easy to distinguish between the good and bad brokers.

OptionWeb is the best binary options broker on the French market.
Their customer support is also French and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Security: OptionWeb is regulated by the FCA.
The AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) regulation is a French license that allows OptionWeb to legally exercise its work as a broker, in French territory. The AMF protects all of this broker’s traders. In this case, the money you invest is monitored by the AMF and the broker does not have access to it. You can therefore withdraw your funds quickly at any time.

How to open an OptionWeb trading account?

To open an OptionWeb trading account, simply follow the steps provided when you activate your account.
BinarySpeedbot.At the last step of activation, you will be redirected to the OptionWeb site.

Warning, you must open an OptionWeb account by using the button.
Otherwise, you cannot use the robot.

What are the steps to take to begin?

Your trial period begins as soon as you register your email address on the Binary Speedbot website. The 90-day trial period is limited to a maximum number of people.
Click on the button and register on the Binary Speedbot website to reserve your place.

Reserve your Binary Speedbot binary option account. option binaireRegister your email address on Binary Speedbot to take advantage of the 90-day trial period. After registering, you will be automatically redirected to the OptionWeb broker. Activate your OptionWeb trading account optionwebOpen your trading account with the OptionWeb broker to validate your access to the robot. It is suggested that you make a minimum deposit of €250 to use the robot in an optimal manner Log in to the trading station trade trading trade tradingLog-in to the trading station with your OptionWeb identification and start to benefit from the robot. Activate the automatic mode and let Binary Speedbot trade binary options